Offered Products

For over 14 years, our company has been engaged in wholesale trade in the field of construction materials. Over the years, we have carefully selected and specialized in the sale of ventilated facade systems. At present, we can offer products of the highest standards and exceptional quality.

Metallic facade structures designed for various ventilated systems. Depending on specific cases and different facade finishes, all necessary materials for installing the structure are prepared.

"Marmoroc" is a ventilated facade cladding system manufactured in Sweden since 1974. It is a facade cladding system that is perfectly suited to our climate conditions. The system consists of tiles made of a mixture of marble and white cement, along with metal structures.

This is one of the most popular ventilated facade systems throughout Eastern Europe. The excellent balance between price, quality, and aesthetics contributes to the popularity of this system. The system consists of stone mass tile cladding and metal structures.

"Parklex" - HPL-type facade cladding panels are covered with natural wood veneer, which is excellently protected from environmental impact. It is a high-quality product manufactured in Spain. These panels can be used both outdoors and indoors.