“Marmoroc” manufactures a completely unique, constantly improved, and patented cladding system consisting of cement and marble chip finishing tiles and a steel framework. Swedish quality with years of experience is an excellent combination that helps achieve the highest set goals. The factory is located in Köping, Sweden, and began its operations in the early 1970s. At that time, facade cladding called “Coloroc” was produced, but in 1990, the product was improved and gained a new composition with crushed marble, along with other innovations. Therefore, due to these reasons, the trade name was changed to “Marmoroc.” We are the first and only certified representatives of “Marmoroc” company in Lithuania. This ventilated facade system has been issued a European Technical Assessment (ETA).

MARMOROC Facade Cladding

Marmoroc tiles serve as a protective screen for the entire system.

Safe and exceptionally durable!

Specially designed and calculated to be installed even on buildings up to 100m high. All materials used in tile production are environmentally friendly. Key materials: White cement and marble chips.


  • Colors: 27
  • Fire resistance: Non-combustible (class A1)
  • UV resistance: No impact
  • Building height: Up to 100m
  • Composition: Only natural materials are used
  • Temperature resistance: Withstands 250 freeze-thaw cycles
  • Seismic zone: 9.0 on the Richter scale
  • Certification: Sitac No. 1356/70


  • Dimensions: 300/600mm.
  • Width: 100mm.
  • Tile thickness: 25mm.
  • Construction thickness: 40mm.
  • Weight: 32 kg/m²


  • Length: 600mm.
  • Width: 100/200mm.
  • Tile thickness: 28mm.
  • Construction thickness: 48mm.
  • Weight: 44/48 kg/m2


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