“RAKO FACADE by SteelFix” is a ventilated facade system marked with the trademark of UAB “Lukra”, featuring cladding with stone mass tiles. It’s one of the most popular ventilated facade systems used for apartment renovations in Lithuania. The system’s foundation consists of a framework of metal profiles and cladding with stone mass tiles.
The popularity of this system is due to the fact that for a relatively low cost, all the properties of a ventilated facade and an aesthetic facade appearance are obtained. With this system, our company has been issued a European Technical Assessment (ETA) and a National Technical Assessment (NTA).
The facade cladding tiles, marked with the trademark “Rako”, are manufactured by the company “Lasselsberger” – one of the largest stone mass tile factories in Europe. It is a factory located in the Czech Republic, which started its operations back in 1882. Therefore, we can confidently affirm that a factory with such experience produces products of exceptionally high quality.

RAKO FACADE Stone Mass Tile Facade Cladding


  • Tile Series: Extra, Kaamos, etc.
  • Tile Type: Unglazed stone mass tiles
  • Size (cm): 30 x 60, 60×60, 120×60, etc.
  • Size (mm): 298 x 598, 598×598, 1198×598
  • Surface: Flat/matte/ABS
  • Rectification: Yes
  • Frost Resistance: Yes
  • Wear Resistance: PEI 5
  • Color Variation: V3 (possible variations between batches)

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